Memorable Durga Puja pictures from 2012

Here are some memorable Pictures of Durga Puja from 2012.

The theme of this Durga Puja was Buddhism and enlightenment. The lighting was brilliant and the Idol was huge.ranikuthi-durga-puja

Another beautiful picture of ma Durga. The face was so beautiful… Godly!


Light and enlightenment. Look at those big eyes. Hats off to all the artists who make such wonderful idols.beautiful-Ma-Durga-pratimaek-chala-durga-pratima


Check out this┬áchandelier at Bagbazar Sarbojonin Durga Puja. Exquisite ­čÖé
huge-chandelier-bagbazar-durgapujaThe decoration on the ceiling of Mohammad Ali Park Durga Puja. So much work goes into making such awesome designs.beautiful-roof-decoration-muhammad-ali-durgapujaA Pandal made of in the shape of fruits ­čÖédurga-puja-pandal-made-of-fruitsClick on images to enlarge. We will be back with some more Pictures of last years Durga Puja. More Fb cover, Mobile wallpapers coming.

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