Chetla Agrani Durga Puja Pictures 2013

The main theme of Chetla Agrani Club Durga Puja is gateway. The gateway from earth to heaven. The pandal represents that. There are doorways through which you have to take the journey. The idol of Maa Durga is beautiful and powerful. One of the first things you notice is the huge trishul. Very artistic and one of the best pujas in town.

Some pictures of Chetla Agrani Club Durga Puja 2013. Click on images to enlarge.


chetla-agrani-Durga-puja-picture2013 Closeup of Maa Durgachetla-agrani-durga-maa-closeup chetla-agrani-Durga-puja2013-pandal chetla-agrani-Durgapuja2013 chetla-agrani-Durga-puja-panorama

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